Coach driver Ann Lange

Coach driver & 68-years of age mother of 3 Ann Lange, who this year celebrates 20 years in the transport industry has always since she can remember, had a love for vehicles of any type, but in particular the mechanical side has always been a passion of hers, which had its inception after watching her mechanic dad John, repairing cars while she watched on intently as a young child.

This shared passion with her father for the mechanical side over the years saw them working on numerous projects together with their favourite past time being stripping cars and reconstructing them in the backyard of their family home.

This love for cars also saw her become the first woman to join the Land Rovers club in NSW.

Ann started her career in the corporate world as a computer systems operator, then in 1999 decided she needed a change and went into the transport industry having stints with Government run buses, airport shuttles and corporate organisations like Crowthers.

Working in an industry where there is a 30/70 ratio of women to men, Ann is of the strong opinion (said with a wry smile ) “that women make better coach & bus drivers than men because they have more patience and are more empathetic than their male counterparts,” so she is a big advocate for encouraging more women to become coach & bus drivers.

Managing Director of Crowthers Coaches Mr Paul Crowther said: “Ann is a very engaging personality, loves a chat, has some great stories to tell from her time in the industry, we’ve actually had a couple of clients follow Ann to Crowthers because they love her so much.”

As a coach and bus driver over a 20-year period Ann says she got to see the best in people and on occasions the worst, so her transport career has brought with it many life lessons, no better one than “never judge a book by its cover.” She said.

Well done Ann on your career to date, Crowthers coaches is extremely proud of your achievements!

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