Crowthers celebrate surviving 2020

The team from Crowthers coaches at their annual strategic getaway created a survivor dress up theme, to celebrate surviving 2020.

Every year the team from Crowthers visits a destination away from the office to hold its strategic planning day, to review the previous 12 months and plan future initiatives.

Due to Covid, 2020 wasn’t a great year for business, but we felt just getting through the height of the Pandemic was something to celebrate.

Top prize went to Crowthers operation manager Chris Niblock, who went as one of history’s greatest survivors, a cockroach!

2021 is shaping up well with plenty of customers booking group tours to all types of destinations around NSW.

So call your friendly team from Crowthers coaches on 9540 0900 to book your next group tour; you could even ask for the cockroach. 😉