Customer Rights

Summary of Customer Rights and Obligations of Passengers

When travelling on company vehicles, passengers must not:

  • Place feet on seats
  • Smoke, and or spit
  • Use offensive language or behave offensively
  • Interfere with equipment or damage the bus
  • Throw anything in or from the bus
  • Drop / leave rubbish in the bus

Passengers can:

  • Expect the vehicle to be clean and tidy
  • Expect to see the driver’s authority card displayed
  • Expect not to be inconvenienced by any luggage or goods within the bus
  • Expect the driver to behave in an orderly manner, act with civility and propriety and comply with reasonable requests
  • Drink water in the bus

Enquiries and / or complaints relating to services operated by Crowthers Coaches can be made by
contacting the Manager.